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Transfer Prague airport

Transfer Prague airport

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At any time of the day or night, you can rely on us and order a transfer from the Prague airport to the center of the city of Prague with Garsia Tour. You can also order a taxi from Prague to Karlovy Vary.

Transfers Prague airport

Transfers Prague airport

Garsia tour company provides our clients with the best modern cars of various classes and capacities, as well as professional drivers, whose experience is confirmed by special certificates, for transfer from the airport of Prague to a hotel in the center of Prague.
For us, first of all, the safety and comfort of our customers, therefore, all our cars that make a transfer from Prague airport to the city center of Prague or to the hotel are regularly inspected and kept clean. The driver can pick you up at your chosen location or hotel and take you to Prague Airport. Don’t think about how to get from Prague airport to the center of Prague or hotel, but book and have fun on your way to this amazing city of Prague.

Transfers Prague airport

Transfers Prague airport


Prague airport transfer service is the area of activity of our company Garcia tour, so we are constantly improving and trying to improve the level of service. After all, the impression from the road Prague airport transfer plays an important role in the development of further recreation in the center of Prague. We know how to get from Prague airport to the center to the hotel so that the trip will be remembered for a long time. And when you arrive in the center of Prague, you will see how people love this city. There is an old town, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, quiet old Prague streets and a lot of interesting things.
The city itself is magnificent and evokes special feelings that cannot be expressed in words.



Taxi service Prague, transfer Prague airport is the scope of our company, so we are constantly improving and trying to improve the level of service.

Book a transfer from Prague airport to your hotel for 25 euros

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    Taxi from Prague airport to Karlovy Vary

    A taxi is a quick way to get from Prague Airport to Karlovy Vary

    Czech beer

    The principle of brewing beer has been unchanged for centuries, unlike today’s beer, Sumerian porridge was brewed without hops, which was not yet known at that time.

    Prague Beer Tour

    The history of brewing in the Czech Republic goes back to ancient and ancient times. The mention of Czech beer is first found in written sources dating back to 1088

    The legend of the iron man

    Once upon a time, on the metropolitan Platnerskaya street (an auto-walking tour in Prague will allow you to visit it) there were many workshops in which knightly armor and shields were forged from iron plate

    Make a wish on the Charles Bridge

    Having arrived in our city to see the sights of Prague with your own eyes, take time to walk along one of them – the Charles Bridge

    Blessed Elekta of the Carmelites

    Prague legends are timeless. They are passed down from generation to generation, and there is no doubt that they will live for centuries, like millennial churches, such as the Church of St. Peter and Pau

    One day trips around Prague, Czech Republic and European cities

    A great way to explore the area without fuss and strangers. While the participants of the group excursion will languish in a cramped bus, and wait at the place of arrival for everyone to gather and ask questions, you will enjoy interesting sights and get the most unforgettable impressions

    Mineral springs in Karlovy Vary

    What do you know about Karlovy Vary – one of the most popular resorts in the Czech Republic? The healing springs of mineral water brought glory to the city, but many gourmets learned about Karlsbad (as Karlovy Vary was formerly called) thanks to the famous drink “Becherovka”, waffles “platzkam” and the international film festiva

    What minerals are there in thermal springs in Karlovy Vary

    The water of the most powerful hot mineral spring, Vřídlo, rises to the surface from a colossal depth of 2,000 m. The height of the geyser’s stream reaches 12 m. In a minute, up to 2,000 liters of water saturated with carbon dioxide and minerals pour out of it.

    Dancing House

    The Dancing House is an unforgettable and magnificent building that has become an integral part of Prague. The building got its name from its towers, which resemble the figures of dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

    Hotels and apartments

    Housed in a former 14th century monastery, the Mandarin Oriental, Prague is not only a five-star luxury hotel, but also a beautifully preserved historical record. Modern design blends seamlessly
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