Czech beer



The history of beer

The principle of brewing beer has been unchanged for centuries, unlike today’s beer, Sumerian porridge was brewed without hops, which was not yet known at that time. The porridge was made from barley bread and malt, which were placed together in a large jug in which to ferment. Without the presence of hops, the porridge did not acquire a bitter taste, and a different procedure had to be used to deliver it. Mostly fried breads were used in hot ash or by adding green mustard or sesame seeds.

After the discovery of malt fermentation, many beers emerged that varied in color and flavor. The beer at that time was not subjected to the filtration process, which led to the presence of a large amount of mechanical particles and the fact that the beer was not transparent. For this reason, a grain stalk was used for drinking, which served as straw, but gradually the individual technological stages and equipment were significantly improved.

However, beer used to be consumed warm, and at the same time, a method was discovered here that made it possible to produce a stronger beer. This was the so-called beer freezing method, during which the beer was frozen and due to the different melting points of water and alcohol, the alcohol content in the beer increased.
Primitive brewing gradually gave way to artisanal production and industrial production in the middle of the 19th century

Archaeological research on the territory of what is now the Czech Republic has provided evidence that even former residents of the area prepared fermented drinks from grain. There are more detailed data on the preparation of beer by the Celtic battles, the Germanic tribes of the Marcomans, Quads and Slavs.

In the 18th century, Czech brewer Frantisek Ondřej Pope (1753–1805) was responsible for a major reform of malt and beer production that was the first step in the development of the typical traits of modern Czech beer. He designed a number of new facilities for the production of malt and beer, convinced brewers to use only barley malt, adjusted the hop dosage, which improved (i.e. reduced) the initially relatively dark color of light beer, etc. At the end of his life he founded a brewing school in Brno. it was probably the first of its kind in Europe and was completed not only by Czech brewers but also by foreign brewers.
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Plzeňský Prazdroj, Pilsner Urquell

The incentive for the construction of a new brewery in Pilsen was the “Inviting Burger Brewers to Demonstrate Their Own Production” from 1839, which spoke of the need to improve the quality of Pilsen beer. The site for the new brewery was chosen in the then suburb of Bubench, where there was enough quality spring water and sandstone to build cellars. Construction began on September 15, 1839, and on October 5, 1842, the new brewery began operations, drinking the first batch of bottom-fermented beer.

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