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Taxi Prague Airport, Karlovy Vary, cities of the Czech Republic and Europe
Street taxis in Prague are probably known to everyone who has ever visited Prague.

The popularity of this type of public transport was brought not by a high level of comfort and service, but by numerous cases of deceiving tourists by taxi drivers. And although the Prague authorities have recently taken a number of measures aimed at improving the quality of service, the situation is still depressing. Former mayor of Prague Pavel Bem sometimes caught a taxi on the street under the guise of a simple tourist, and repeatedly accused their drivers of inflating prices, or unreasonably extending the route of the trip.
And although everyone advises using public transport, there are situations when you cannot do without a taxi.

After all, many flights arrive at Prague airport. Vaclav Havel at night, and the situation when you find yourself at the airport at night and with a lot of things often arises. At night, the buses do not run as often as we would like, and it is very inconvenient to get to the hotel after a tiring flight, or vice versa, it is very inconvenient to go from the hotel to the Airport at night with things.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is better not to try to hail a taxi on the street, or in the square in front of the Prague airport, unless, of course, you are not a fan of paying double the price for poor quality services. There is always an alternative, and in this case, it is better to write down the phone number of the taxi company Garsia tour in advance, or even better to order a Prague airport taxi in advance, while still at home.

Now modern communication technologies allow you to do this in a few minutes – you just need to write an e-mail or fill out a taxi order form on the website. It is somewhat more difficult to find a Garsia tour taxi, that is, a taxi with a englich-speaking dispatcher and a driver who speaks englich, but today this is not a problem either, because a lot of englichs come to Prague, and some companies are mainly focused on working with them.
We provide taxi services in Prague, you can order a taxi from us, which will pick you up from the Airport or hotel at the agreed time.

Garsia taxi tour will take you to the following cities: Karlovy Vary, Teplice, Pardubice, Podebrady, Cesky Krumlov, Marianske Lazne, Munich, Vienna, Dresden and other cities of the Czech Republic, Germany and several countries!

Prague taxi can be ordered by phone (our dispatchers and drivers speak Englich), by e-mail, Skype, or by filling out the form on our website. Taxi payment is carried out on the spot in cash, or using Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or Webmoney systems. Unlike street taxi drivers, we value each of our clients and strive to make the trip as less tiring as possible, so that everyone who has used our taxi services at least once becomes our regular client.

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    Taxi from Prague airport to Karlovy Vary

    A taxi is a quick way to get from Prague Airport to Karlovy Vary

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