Culture in Prague

Concerts, theater, exhibitions and more in Prague. We all know.

Museum complex of the National Museum

The historic building headed by Wenceslas Square, one of the most important buildings in Prague, declared a National Cultural Monument in 1962, creates a significant architectural contrast with the New Building. At the same time, they together form a museum complex in which content and form are mixed. The historic building underwent a major reconstruction and was reopened to visitors on October 28, 2018 – on the centenary day of the Czechoslovak Republic. In November 2019, the two buildings were connected by a newly built underground corridor with a unique multimedia exhibition.


Beer in Prague. Breweries in Prague

Excursion to the U Fleku brewery 210 CZK / 9 EUR Beer Tour – Visit to the beer museum with tasting 280 CZK / 12 EUR

Prague Orloj

While on the Old Town Square, pay attention to one of the most famous sights of the capital in our city – the Prague Orloj

The legend of the iron man

Once upon a time, on the metropolitan Platnerskaya street (an auto-walking tour in Prague will allow you to visit it) there were many workshops in which knightly armor and shields were forged from iron plate

Blessed Elekta of the Carmelites

Prague legends are timeless. They are passed down from generation to generation, and there is no doubt that they will live for centuries, like millennial churches, such as the Church of St. Peter and Pau

One day trips around Prague, Czech Republic and European cities

A great way to explore the area without fuss and strangers. While the participants of the group excursion will languish in a cramped bus, and wait at the place of arrival for everyone to gather and ask questions, you will enjoy interesting sights and get the most unforgettable impressions

CAMP – Center for Architecture and Urban Planning

The Center for Architecture and Urban Planning, or CAMP, has set itself the goal of improving public debate about the development of Prague. It wants to be the main source of clear and accessible information about the present and future of the capital and to function as an open platform, a “base camp” for all those interested in the joint planning and development of Prague.



CAMP is located on Charles Square in the building of the Institute for Planning and Development of the Capital of Prague, and visitors will find a 200 m2 exhibition hall with a unique large-scale projection, an office with a large selection of publications in foreign languages ​​on architecture, urbanism and design, a pleasant cafe, an outdoor terrace and a modern lecture hall. a hall with a rich program consisting of public discussions, speeches by domestic and foreign experts, seminars, shows and other events.

CAMP also manages and edits the cartographic portal, which serves as a basic overview of construction plans in Prague – from the first ideas and projects in preparation to those already in progress on construction sites.


Webinar: vegetarian and vegan completely

Are you a vegetarian or vegan, or are you cutting back on animal products significantly and want to see if you are downplaying something? What are the most common vitamins, minerals and fats that people underestimate on a plant-based diet, and how can they be kept in order?

Lecturers can look forward to 3 hours of complete information, practical advice and advice on how to completely and deliciously replace animal products. Nutrition Consultant Mgr. Pavla Shiroka explains what needs to be done so that a person can stay healthy for a long time on a vegan diet and not stop after a few years. Much space will also be devoted to questions.

Shiroka has been providing nutritional counseling since 2010 and has eaten vegan food since 2007. In recent years, she has mainly given lectures and organized courses for both the general public and specialists. He specializes in how to balance a vegan diet so that there are no deficiencies in macro- and micronutrients (proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals).

Lecture topics:

Sufficient nutrients – selected vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids
Substances that need more attention in the diet
Comparison of Vitamin, Mineral, and Other Nutrient Deficiencies in Commonly Eaten and Vegans
Nutritional Comparison of Plants and Animals
Most Common Nutritional Mistakes Made by Long-Term Vegetarians and Vegans
On the contrary, what should not be addressed at all on a plant-based diet
Practical tips to save time (each participant will receive a free e-book with 54 recipes)
Demonstration of simple purchases and specific dishes

A link to subscribe to the webinar will be sent to those interested on the day of the webinar.


Taxi Prague


Professional guides and drivers.


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Transfer Prague airport

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