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After a tiring flight, most of us want to rest as soon as we get to our hotel. The search for transport to get there usually ends at the square in front of the airport, which is filled with private and branded taxis. Communication with taxi drivers of a foreign country is not always pleasant, they often do not even know English, and are prone to overpricing their services, and even fraud in relation to guests of their country who do not know the city and local order.



In the Czech Republic in general, and in Prague in particular, this is the case. Street taxi drivers will offer to take you anywhere in the Czech Republic, even to Karlovy Vary or even to Austrian Vienna, but the price will be 2 times higher than the actual cost of the trip, and the services of large transfer companies.
How to solve the problem of transport from the airport to the hotel for an ordinary tourist who is going to visit Prague?
With a few mouse clicks or phone calls, you can order a transfer service from Prague airport to the city itself, or to any other city in the Czech Republic or Europe – Vienna, Karlovy Vary, Berlin, and even Paris.
What is the transfer service?
By the time of your arrival in Prague, a car with a driver will be served at the airport, who will meet you with a sign, help you pick up your things and bring them to the car, and then take them to a pre-agreed place – a hotel, a resort in Karlovy Vary, Vienna, or any other Czech or European city. You can order a transfer in Prague by phone, skype, e-mail, or by filling out the form on the website. An important advantage of a transfer over local taxis is that its price is fixed, is known in advance, and you can pay for it either in cash on the spot or in advance using a credit card.

By ordering a transfer in the Czech Republic or Prague from the airport, you will save your time, and money too – our company, which provides transfer services to Prague and across the Czech Republic, is interested in providing high-quality service to its clients so that they will use our services more than once, unlike Prague taxi drivers who believe that “one tourist does not meet twice,” and that “there will be enough tourists for everyone.” As a result, by ordering a transfer from Prague airport to your hotel, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, or another city, you will save yourself from hassle, unforeseen financial expenses and loss of time, which will make your vacation even more pleasant.

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