Transfer from Munich to Karlovy Vary

How to get from Munich to Karlovy Vary
Transfer from Munich to Karlovy Vary
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from 150 eur

Calculated from Hauptbahnhof Munchen – check the price from your address!

50% discount on the way back!

A fixed-price taxi ride from Munich to Karlovy Vary

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    You can get from Munich to Karlovy Vary by car, call a taxi from Garsia Tour or use the transfer service, bus or train. Distance – 297 km, but if you travel by train, a little more – 300 km. The fastest way to overcome this distance is to book a transfer with Garsia Tour, but if you want to buy a cheap ticket, the train will help you save money.

    Intercity taxi from Munich to Karlovy Vary is performed exclusively by a comfort class car, not older than 5 years

    The price of a taxi ride from Munich to Karlovy Vary includes bringing the car to an address in Munich, travel to the address you need in Karlovy Vary.

    When ordering a taxi ride from Munich Karlovy Vary, we will provide you with a 50% discount on the return journey – do not forget to inform the operator about the return journey when ordering a taxi from Munich.

    Waiting in Karlovy Vary or Munich until 5 o’clock is FREE! Then – 20 euros / hour

    If you need, we will meet you at Munich Airport or Karlovy Vary Airport.

    Baby seat – free on request. Stops along the way are free.

    All Intercity taxi drivers Munich Karlovy Vary have experience in passenger transport, have EU citizenship and live in Karlovy Vary or the Czech Republic.

    To order a Munich Karlovy Vary taxi, it is better to call at least a few hours before the expected driving time.

    Even better the day before – to have a designated driver who will rest before the trip, and not after a few hours of work in Munich. Then your trip will be as comfortable and easy as possible!

    We recommend taking a taxi from Munich to Karlovy Vary no later than 7:00 or after 20:00 to avoid traffic jams and minimize travel time.

    Fill in the form and we will arrange everything for you, accurately and on time.


    Taxi Karlovy Vary Garsia - the price is 30 CZK per km, in the city center 150 CZK

    Taxi Karlovy Vary Garsia for 5-6 people, cheap taxi in Karlovy Vary and surroundings


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    Professional guides and drivers.


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