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Driving time is 1 hour 20 minutes, distance is 80 kilometers. Pilsen is a Czech city with a long history. Its name immediately reminds us that the famous Czech beer Pilsen, which has been brewed since the founding of the city, appeared here. All connoisseurs of good beer should take a trip from Karlovy Vary to Pilsen. Here you can visit the Brewery Museum, numerous bars and brasseries, the Gambrinus and Pilsner Urquell breweries, which offer guided tours, foaming demonstrations and the history of brewing. In Pilsen, the “capital of beer” of the country, beer is also sold in special vending machines.

karlovy vary

karlovy vary


Many experts in antiquity order a taxi from Garsia from Karlovy Vary to Pilsen. This city was founded in the 13th century and still retains its medieval spirit and appearance with traces of all epochs that have passed since then. The uniqueness of the architecture and planning of Pilsen lies in the way it was created – the city did not gradually grow out of the village or village, it was built by royal decree by selecting a suitable plain. All the streets were straight and intersecting at right angles, and a square was created in the center of the city, the largest in Western Europe to this day. Today, the city is the commercial, administrative and industrial center of Western Bohemia, the fourth largest seat in the Czech Republic.

karlovy vary

karlovy vary

Getting to know Pilsen is better to start from the historic center, which is so compact that you can easily get around it on foot. In the tourist center on the central square you can get a free map and get acquainted with the schedule of cultural events of the city. Explore the city from the observation deck of St. Bartholomew, 62 meters above the ground, pay attention to the stylistic eclecticism of the central streets, where the Renaissance town hall is adjacent to the Baroque diocesan building and the large Moorish-Romanesque synagogue.

If you are going to take a Garsia taxi from Karlovy Vary to Pilsen with your child, don’t forget to visit the local zoo and dinosaur park. For shopping, head to Plzeň Plaza, antique and bohemian glass shops in the historic center. In addition to excellent rare beers, the city has prepared a number of restaurants for gourmets with Czech, Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian and Japanese cuisine. The largest restaurant in Na Spilce can dine up to 550 people at a time.

taxi karlovy vary

taxi karlovy vary

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