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Františkovy Lázně is another spa town in the Czech Republic, located in the Karlovy Vary region near the German border. Taxis or transfers from Garsia tour Karlovy Vary to Františkovy Lázně are often ordered due to the fact that this spa resort is located only 65 km from Karlovy Vary, the journey time is 40 minutes.

karlovy vary

karlovy vary

The first mention of the local waters dates back to the 12th century and in 1572 their first chemical analysis was performed. The city has existed for almost 200 years and during this time it has been visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists. People come to Františkovy Lázně mainly to regain their health, because this city is called the brightest diamond in the constellation of Czech spas. Since the 18th century, the healing water of this resort, rich in sulfur and alkalis, iron mud and natural gases, has attracted Russian tourists. It was here that peat, which is rich in peat, was first used for treatment.


Local state-of-the-art medical centers use sulphate-carbonate and carbon dioxide chloride water to treat it. Gynecological and musculoskeletal diseases are treated in Františkovy Lázně sanatoriums, and rehabilitation courses are provided for people after a heart attack. Inhalation, baths, drinking water are used as treatment procedures, and the last method of treatment is the main one. The minimum treatment period is considered to be two weeks, optimal results can be achieved after 3 weeks of completing the procedures.

taxi karlovy vary

taxi karlovy vary

This city is dominated by a mild climate characteristic of the foothills, cold summers, no severe frosts in winter. The tourist season lasts from May to October, just in these months you should order a taxi with a Garsia trip from Karlovy Vary to Františkovy Lázně. The local nature amazes with its clear beauty, attracts composers, writers, artists throughout the existence of the resort. Goethe called the city a “paradise on earth,” and Beethoven enjoyed visiting it.


They come to Františkovy Lázně and on holiday and remember this heavenly place with shady parks and colonnades forever. Even a tired traveler will not be bored here. For lovers of active recreation, the city offers the opportunity to visit tennis courts, golf clubs, fitness centers, water park, out-of-town fishing clubs. Lovers of cultural activities in Františkovy Lázně will be able to visit the theater, museums, library and cinema.



If you want to order a Garsia taxi from Karlovy Vary to Františkovy Lázně to tour the city, be sure to make time for the symbol of this city – a bronze sculpture of the boy František with a fish, located in the historic city center, on Mira Square. Legend has it that the women who touch him stop having trouble giving birth. It is not known whether only a magical boy helps them or whether the local healing waters are beneficial. The oldest boarding house “U Tří lilií”, Glauber’s Hall and the New Colonnade are among the city’s architectural masterpieces.


Also in the vicinity of Františkovy Lázně, it is worth visiting the local national nature reserve with the Soos peat bog, walking on the Komorní Gruka volcano, seeing the “moth farm” of Irovice with a unique collection of moths from the tropics, the so-called medieval fortress Seeberg, rebuilt into a Renaissance castle.


Part of the city walk is worth shopping: the shops here are not as luxurious as in Prague, but they are quite interesting and sometimes even unique. In Františkovy Lázně, it pays to buy local souvenirs and cosmetics based on mineral waters.

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