Prague Loretta

Prague’s Loretta is one of the most beautiful and interesting sights in Prague. If you don’t know Loretta’s story and don’t know what’s waiting for you here, you’ll be surprised. From the street you will see a beautiful baroque building, which, as you immediately think, does not look like a church at all. Loretta was built to celebrate the Virgin Mary and in the whole complex you will find motifs for the celebrations of the Virgin Mary. The pilgrimage site complex is a square plan. It enters the facade of the octagonal tower, in the dome of which there are famous carillons. On the opposite side of the territory is the Church of the Nativity. There are two-storey arcade corridors (arcades) on the sides, in which the chapels are located. On the ground floor is the Loreto Treasure exhibition with a unique diamond monster – the Prague Sun.

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Now, why the whole complex was built: on Wednesday you will find the Holy Hut built on the model of the Italian Loreto. According to the Bible, the Holy Cottage was the building in which the Virgin Mary lived when the Archangel Gabriel preached it before the birth of Jesus Christ. Our Prague Holy Cottage boasts one of the best crafted Holy Hats in the world. The founder of the place of pilgrimage is Benina Kateřina of Lobkovice and the construction of the cottage began in 1626. In 1631 this place was consecrated. But we’re just talking about the cottage. The whole complex was built in the second half of the 17th century by an important family of architects-Dinzenhofer. In 1695, the tower was completed and carillons were installed. Further construction continued in the first half of the 18th century, including the church, which was completed in 1735.

The most important monument is the Holy Cottage itself in the center of the area. You can enter it and see where and how the Virgin Mary lived. In the courtyard of the complex you can listen to the famous Carillon. Loreto Bells consists of 30 bells (only 27 run) and every hour they play a song in the Marian language. The most valuable monument is the Loreto treasure composed of gifts that pilgrims and rich nobles have brought for years. In the treasury, don’t forget to see the diamond monster – the Prague Sun. The Loreto treasure is one of our most valuable treasures.

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