Paris is the most beautiful city on the planet

The ranking includes a total of 50 most beautiful cities from around the world. Second place after Paris, which is inextricably linked to romantic architecture, street performers and good food, is located in New York. According to journalists, this is a triumph of technical and human effort. Third place went to British London.



The first five are closed by Venice, Italy, and Vancouver, Canada. It is followed by Barcelona (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), San Francisco (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Rome (Italy).

According to the ranking, the Czech capital is the 14th most beautiful in the world. Overall, European cities such as Lisbon, Portugal, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria dominate in the top twenty.

However, there are also more exotic cities in the ranking, such as Buenos Aires (Argentina), Havana (Cuba), Quito (Ecuador), Cuzco (Peru), Hanoi (Vietnam), Cartagena (Colombia) and Jaipur (India), which are called Pink city.

The ten most beautiful cities on the planet:

1. Paris, France

2. New York, USA

3. London, Great Britain

4. Venice, Italy

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Barcelona, Spain

7. Cape Town, South Africa

8. San Francisco, USA

9. Sydney, Australia

10. Rome, Italy

14. Prague, Czech Republic


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