Mysterious and magical Prague

A magical St. Nicholas walk through mysterious Prague: about miracles about a miraculous evening with scents and music.

If the situation develops as favorably as it seems at the moment, we can start again with our common favorite already established experiential and magical fragrant Advent walks, albeit in limited numbers. This time, however, the scents that are – as those who have already taken fragrant walks with me – adapted to the theme of walks will be accompanied by a live violin accompaniment, which will surely make the walks special, enriching and truly festive and very mystical! Maybe this year there will be less Prague Nicholas, angels and devils, as well as you can learn a lot new on this magical, fragrant, musical Advent walk, among other things, for example:

who was actually St. Mikuláš and from what the tradition of carrying gifts arose 5.12. (ie 6.12.)
why Befano, an extraordinary “old lady”, performs his function in Italy
why do you find two churches of St. Nicholas from the same architects
what wonders can a small miraculous statue in the church of St. Nicholas
where to go for the miraculous statue of St. Mikuláš (“Wonder Creator”) on Charles Bridge and let her wish
what a unique piece was donated by Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Church of St. Nicholas
stories, legends, orders, fairy tales about Prague connected with Mikuláš (and about Mikuláš himself)
for whom was St. Nicholas the “Great Druid”, the devil and the angel gods and how they celebrated them
which ancient Slavic god preceded Nicholas’ angel and which devil

what ancient Slavic worlds embody the characters of St. Nicholas
where the miraculous and legendary rotunda of St. is hiding from the eyes of passers-by. Wenceslas
where you will find the “devil’s zone” and “devils” nearby, and they are not the ones who will accompany Mikuláš and the angel around you
why Čertovka is Čertovka, how it originated and who gave it origin, what it was used for
in what place a short distance from the church of St. Nicholas and St. Nicholas on Charles Bridge used to mine coal, and perhaps even naughty children got a share of it in stockings.

You don’t have to clean your shoes and be afraid to find pieces of coal in them in the morning! On this magical Advent evening, we will not only talk about St. Nicholas and the sublime monuments of Prague bearing his name, but also about the devils and fiery old gods of Prague, but also about other literally miraculous places in Prague somehow related to this popular holiday.

Nicholas is not just for children, in fact Saint Nicholas, a model of Santa Claus, on whose holiday smaller gifts are distributed than at Christmas, gave a gift to three already grown girls to get them out of a rather precarious situation. On the eve of the anniversary of his death on December 6, the St. Nicholas’ gift is based on their rescue with the help of three bags of gold coins.

Up to two gems of architecture dedicated to Nicholas, both proudly on the Royal Route in Prague, both on the other side of the sacred Vltava River, over which the Charles Bridge spans with a statue of another Nicholas, who received the first name at birth and also dedicated his life of helping the poor and helpless and also performed a number of miracles. And according to legend, they were even supposed to happen at his statue on Charles Bridge.

At perhaps the most famous and magnificent Baroque church dedicated to St. Nicholas in Bohemia, we will have the opportunity to taste the special energy of the place where he stood and where the remains of the rotunda of St. Wenceslas, which many still mention when talking about the legends and miracles of St. Wenceslas and especially about his transfer from Boleslav to Prague Castle.


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