Return to my mysterious and slightly intimidating walks in ancient times of ancient legends and discover stories through the dark side of Prague, in this case the legendary Vysehrad, through stories full of mysteries. Hear stories from forgotten but still remembered times and discover the fascinating past of magical Prague.


In a series of “eerie” and truly mystical walks for adults and children, you will gradually get to know different corners of Golden Prague; walk around the habitats, where various ghosts, ghosts, sometimes even hastrmani still appear. You will have the opportunity to listen to different legends and interesting stories about the real rulers of the streets and squares of the city – various strange creatures, armed skeletons, cursed Templars, headless ghosts, monsters and white ladies, black monks, unicorns, beetles and hastroší, crying and crying dogs. maidens, lions guarding jewels and entrances to mysterious underground spaces and palaces, water people and fairies, alchemists, fanatical spiritualists, ointments and magic, loving and malevolent love and betrayal, executioners and their victims, extraordinary deeds, strongmen and cowards treasure hunters , headless horsemen and water people of the Vltava, dishonorable knights and “fallen” girls or nuns …


On a walk through Vysehrad you will learn, among other things:

– why does Shant’s ghost rearrange the tiles every night and on which roof is Vysehrad

– to whom the future Vysehrad appeared in a dream before his death

– at which well did the White Lady appear, the water fairy

– where Prince Samo lived

– where the sadly singing crowds of white virgins danced

– when the Vyshegrad water manager had the largest harvest

– where people were attacked by a huge boar

– where the treasure of Libushi is hidden and who is still guarding it

– how the damned soul was lowered from the bell tower

– burial place of Slavic pagan rulers

– why in the Vysehrad Church St. Peter of Duke Frederick

– where a black dog with fiery eyes appears and what it guards

– what brought the ghost of the French to the soldiers in the Vysehrad fortress

– where the churchman is pursuing and why

– where the Black Maiden grieves and mourns

– Which chapel has a silent hermit

– who is the guardian spirit of the chapel of St. Martin

– where the sleeping knights live

– who is carried in a black tomb drawn by decapitated horses

– and who travels once every hundred years in a golden carriage

– where three deaths from the plague appear

– why two girls froze to death on the hillside under the Vysehrad rock

– where the gold nugget is hidden, the anchor of Libushina’s ship

– and more ….

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