Karlovy Vary - the spa pearl of the Czech Republic

Every year, thousands of tourists come to the Czech Republic to visit one of the pearls of western Bohemia – Karlovy Vary. Arriving in Prague and ordering a taxi from Prague airport to Karlovy Vary in an hour and a half, guests are waiting for: romantic architecture, charming colonnades, healing springs, luxurious sanatoriums … such are Karlovy Vary – the largest resort in Western Bohemia, built on the confluence of the Tepla and Ohře rivers …

Today it is the second most visited city in the Czech Republic, which was founded in 1358 by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV, and already in 1370 this enlightened ruler sagely provided various privileges and benefits. Karlovy Vary has retained this status in our time.

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International conferences are held annually in Karlovy Vary, numerous film festivals making this city the most popular and favorite vacation spot even among a discerning clientele, for whom we provide a business class transfer from Prague airport to Karlovy Vary. At one time, such famous personalities as the German poet I.V. Goethe, V.A. Mozart, J.S.Bach, N. Paganini, L. Beethoven, I. Turgenev, K. Marx and, of course, the founder and discoverer of the resort for our compatriots, Peter I. The list of glorious Karlovy Vary guests is enriched with new names every year. Each of them is a valuable advertisement for the geyser city, each of them is a fragment of a bright mosaic called “Karlovy Vary – the city of glorious guests”.

In total, there are about 60 springs in Karlovy Vary, 12 of them are constantly used for treatment. Each source differs in its water temperature (up to 73 C), volume fraction of carbon dioxide and power. The effect of thermal waters directly depends on the temperature: hot waters have a relaxing and soothing effect, colder ones – a laxative. The most famous and largest thermal and spring in Karlovy Vary is Vrzhidlo, which rushes to the surface from a depth of 2500 meters. Locals joke that the 13th source is the world famous Czech liqueur Becherovka.

karlovy vary

karlovy vary

And now about the most interesting – about the 14th beer spring in Karlovy Vary – this is the brewery “Karl IV”. Both the water in the thermal spring and the beer are born at high temperatures from ground Pilsner malt and the world-famous aromatic atec crimson hop that grows on the red soils of Karlovy Vary. Beer is really a source of health and longevity, as it is rich in trace elements useful for the body. The famous beer spring “Charles IV” is currently the only brewery in Karlovy Vary, located next to the Becherovka Museum in the Becherplatz complex.

You should definitely see Karlovy Vary from the Diana observation deck, try hot Karlovy Vary waffles with almonds, honey or your taste, and enjoy all the thermal springs, and especially the 14th!

If you are planning a trip to Karlovy Vary for one day, it is very convenient to combine the trip with a visit to the Krusovice factory or the Chyše castle with a visit to the brewery. We will be happy to help you with the organization of this trip!

How to get from Prague to Karlovy Vary

Getting to Karlovy Vary from Prague by public transport is rather difficult and very long. For those who value comfort and their well-being, we recommend choosing an individual transfer from / to Karlovy Vary, because this method is the most convenient!

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