Karlovy Vary salt - medicinal properties

The healing resources of the world famous Karlovy Vary spa are in demand by the inhabitants of the Holy Roman Empire. I treated and enjoyed myself here, and Peter I. Water catapulted the natural geysers in Karlovy Vary, it contains a specific chemical composition, which is the real wealth of the spa. Recommended for normalizing sugar levels in the body, as well as for diseases of the digestive system and metabolic disorders.


At the end of the twentieth century, scientists developed a unique technology for the production of salt. Its elements are fully consistent with the natural healing water of the world resort. Currently, Karlovy Vary salt is produced by evaporation of a mineral solution. In this case, special modern equipment is used. All technological processes are accompanied by strict control in terms of hygiene requirements. The result of the production is geyser salt in Karlovy Vary. When this drug is dissolved in water at the concentrations recommended for each patient, a Karlovy Vary mineral solution is obtained for drinking. If necessary, the water is heated in a water bath to the desired temperature. It is better to write in small jugs from special mugs with an elongated spout.


Karlovy Vary salt, the use of which has a beneficial effect on the body:

– regulates the functional activity of the digestive and urinary systems;

– prevents the formation of stones in the body;

– normalizes metabolic functions;

– has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system.

Karlovy Vary salt is widely used for:

– Get rid of pathological processes in the Czech Republic of the stomach and intestines. It is recommended for patients with duodenal ulcer disease, as well as stomach ulcer, with chronic pancreatitis, with narrowing of the bile ducts, with chronic processes in the liver, etc.

– Treatment of diseases caused by metabolic disorders in the body. It is used to eliminate diabetes and obesity, as well as for the prevention and treatment of gallstone and urolithiasis.

– Get rid of the pathology of the osteoarticular system. Karlovy Vary salt is recommended for osteoarthritis and arthritis, degenerative and dystrophic diseases of the spine, etc.

– Get rid of some gynecological problems.

– Treatment of dysbiosis.

– Restoration of metabolic processes of water and electrolytes, disturbed by the syndromes of dehydration, acidosis and hangover.

Karlovy Vary salt, reviews of which recommend it as a means to improve the quality of the skin, is used in cosmetology.

There are different ways of using a valuable substance. Internal use of the product in the form of solutions with varying degrees of concentration is recommended. As an external agent, medicinal salt is used in formulations and lotions, general baths and spas. Also recommended for cooking.


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