Guide to Prague and European cities

Getting to know Prague is best on foot. This simple truth is a fact that anyone can easily verify. We have prepared for you walks in unusual places, known and unknown. What do our routes have in common?

The main goal is to take you to beautiful and unique places. Get to know the architecture, the view and the green plantations that you may not have known.

Routes avoid busy places, although they are sometimes in close proximity. We will show you a lesser-known but even more interesting face of the city of Prague.

PRAGUE – a city you can’t fall in love with.

It is best to go to the capital of the Czech Republic for Advent, ie in the run-up to Christmas before Catholic Christmas. During Christmas itself, many things will be closed in Prague and other cities of the country.

The most active and beautiful period is Advent. It usually falls from the end of November to the twentieth of December.

We also invite you to visit the attractive cities of the old world.

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