Girona and Dali Museum

The bus tour is divided into two parts: a trip to the city of Girona and a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, where a surprise awaits you on every corner, including the Spirit of Genius itself. Getting to know Girona will bring no less impressions.

Girona is an old town with narrow streets and beautiful embankments. You should definitely visit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Girona with the best Spanish stained glass windows, the Museum of Jewish History, walk along the walls of the fortifications and the boulevard of Llibertat. And in the Museum of Art you will see a unique altar from the 10th century with paintings.

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum

After a walk around Girona, head to Figueres for the Dali Theater Museum. At this point, the whole creative path of the great genius can be traced, from impressionism to surrealism. In addition to works of art, there are the results of experiments performed by Dalits – sculptures, installations, spectroscopic images and much more.

The Gothic Quarter welcomes you with winding streets, wrought-iron statues, stone statues in churches and a mystical atmosphere. The Romans, Moors and early Christians left their mark here in the form of real buildings and mysterious legends.

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The Gothic Quarter begins with the ancient Plaza Nova. Walk a little further and look at the famous cathedral, where the remains of the Christian martyr St. Eulavie.

The Gothic façade of the cathedral is charming and its towers are visible from anywhere in Barcelona. An equally luxurious attraction of the Gothic Quarter is the Royal Palace, as well as the beautiful Church of Santa Maria del Mar, the Museum of the sculptor Frederic Mare, a Jewish quarter that has not changed since the Middle Ages.

Many other interesting places full of secrets await you in the Gothic Quarter. The journey into the past over the centuries will fascinate you and leave you with many impressions.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter



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