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Ghosts and legends of old Prague

A fiery chariot drawn by goats and leaving after midnight from the Jewish Ghetto quarter towards the Goat’s Piglet is a rather harmless ghost that does not harm either the inhabitants of Prague or curious tourists.


This unique excursion program to the amazing places of the Czech capital will allow you to better understand the history and cultural features of this country, full of mysteries and secrets.

Prague saves for itself countless mysteries and mysteries associated with the sacred execution and the alchemists, sorcerers, Templars and ordinary residents of the city who lived here at one time.

In the light of yellowish lanterns, approaching the cobbled streets and looking into the corners of ancient dwellings, gardens and squares, where spirits and ghosts are still seen to this day – these are indescribable feelings. And there really is something to look at.


The ghost of the ringing nun is seen every night on the Tyn Tower and swings the spiritual bell with her own hands. And along the streets close to the former monastery of the Knights Templar, a Nun without a head walks.

Shortly thereafter, Rabbi Loew said softly to the golem:
“Joseph, go to the attic of the Old Synagogue, lie down there and have a good
The golem obeyed, rose to the floor of the prayer hall, lay down in the dust
between the cobwebs and closed his eyes.

When this happened, the rabbi called his son-in-law and the student with whom he had been before.
kneaded a clay golem on the banks of the Vltava in time, and all three
they stepped onto the floor where the golem rested.
At the direction of the rabbi, they stood behind his head and sang backwards.
sacred phrase about the creation of man. He breathed heavily at their words.
slower and slower until he froze, as if in a deep sleep.
The owner bent over him, took the Shem from his mouth, and the golem stopped.
breathe. The rabbi walked around him seven times in the opposite direction and did it after him.
even his student; with every step the golem’s skin grew grayer and grayer until
she turned him into ordinary clay, and when he walked around him seven times, the rabbi did the same. The surface of the golem’s body began to crumble and crack.




Then the rabbi undressed the golem, covered it with the remnants of old clothes
and curtains, and the golem’s clothes were burned.
The next day, the rabbi announced to his wife and the others that the golem had left during the night.
and that he will never return. Finally, he ordered that no one
stepped on the floor of the Old Synagogue because he was afraid that someone
he no longer revived the golem.
Yet once it happened.
Years passed, and a wandering student appeared in the Jewish town.
He wandered around the world and worked in poverty, occasionally studying a little, but for a long time.
he hated him with books; he was like a bird of prey. He read somewhere that he is wise
rabbis can create an artificial man, and he immediately imagined that
such a servant would lift him out of poverty forever. He was obsessed with fever
activity: sat in libraries from morning to evening, read books
Hebrew, Latin and Greek, little by little he accumulated knowledge and so on.
one day he learned about Rabbi Loew and his golem. he wrote down
everything that he read and heard, and when he thought he had opened at least the tip
secretly, he went to Prague and went to the territory of the Old Synagogue.
It was a dark night, the student lit a tallow candle and greedily
he looked around the dark earth. For a long time he saw nothing but layers of dust and asphalt.
but then I saw a large pile of half-decomposed in the corner
rags. Greedily, he began to throw them, and then he realized that he had reached his destination.
In the flickering candlelight before him lay a clay figurine that looked like
huge boulder. Clay cracked in many places and
crumbled, but the student did not notice. He took out a note from his pocket.
somewhere in a hurry copied from old books, slipped under the golem’s tongue
and looking forward to what will happen next.

Tyn Church of Our Lady in Prague

Tyn Church of Our Lady in Prague


For some time nothing moved, and the student already thought he had committed a crime.
some mistakes, but then the giant under the old beams
excited. Cracks in the dirt began to heal, clouds of dust rose
from the old beams and from all corners and heading towards the golem, sat down in
cracks, crevices and hollow holes, and suddenly a massive golem
the chest rose and fell, rose and fell again, and the student understood
that the clay giant breathes.
He took a few steps forward; he couldn’t wait for the golem to get up.
He imagined that he was sending him for money, for a whole chest
money, for precious clothes, for a table full of the rarest delicacies –
tech, for the most delicious wines from old cellars, for the most beautiful paintings
and statues of silver and gold.
The golem sat up, rubbed his eyes, and stood up heavily. He staggered, wide
ka spread his legs and hunched his head between his shoulders, shaking as if in a fever
and everything grew and grew.
He was already reaching for the wooden beams, losing his human form.
states and turned into a huge clay boulder that seethed and grew like
should overwhelm the whole world.
Realizing that a mistake had been made somewhere, the student jumped to the nearest
beam and ripped out the golem’s circuitry. The huge boulder shuddered, for a moment
he tensed, then leaned over, knocking over the student as he fell and burying him under
mountain of dry clay. It rumbled until the synagogue shook to its foundations.
breath, and then silence. Only a flock of alarmed doves flew away
into the darkness, circled over the streets and again returned under his roof.
And this is the last story about golems




The flaming chariot, harnessed by goats and leaving after midnight from the Jewish ghetto quarter towards the Goat’s Piglet, is a rather gentle ghost that does not harm either the inhabitants of Prague or inquisitive tourists.

This original excursion program through the unusual spaces of the Czech main city will allow you to better understand the situation and cultural features of this state, absolute riddles and mysteries.


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