Franz Kafka's giant head

Franz Kafka’s giant head is located at Narodni trida metro station. This monument was built at the same time as the new Quadrio business center was built, right above the metro station. Franz Kafka’s silver head reaches 11 meters. The monument consists of 24 tons of stainless steel and weighs 39 tons in total. Mobility is provided by motor modules that are connected by a kilometer of cables. All floors of the statue can rotate independently of each other. The author of this work is the famous David Cherny, a brilliant sculptor-provocateur of Prague, who is the author of many masterpieces of sculptures in Prague, such as the Sculpture “Embryo”

Sculpture-fountain “Peeing men” and many others




Prague relatively recently – at the end of 2014 – was enriched with another performance by the famous scandalous artist David Cerny. His works are almost always worshiped by some and hated by others, but few pass by them unnoticed. The same fate awaits the giant “silver” head of the writer Franz Kafka, which “grew” to almost 11 meters in height at Novoměstská Národní třída, above the metro station of the same name on line B and on the square next to the new Quadrio shopping center and the old Máj department store. but we are.
Photo: markyz63

While it may not seem like it, Franz Kafka’s 10.6m head consists of 42 stories that can rotate independently of each other. It consists mainly of 24 tons of stainless steel sheet, but weighs only 39 tons. Its mobility is provided by 21 motor modules connected by about a kilometer of cables. It is considered the Prague technological wonder of the 21st century, a jewel of art and a link between art and modern technology. But also for the next childish cry of Black, also extremely disgusting and empty.

All work, which should reflect the multi-layered nature of the human person, was funded by the CPI Property Group. And let’s face it, it hit a lot of these investments hard. It is said that Kafka’s head is clearly spoiling the new square, and while he certainly made a big impact on Prague, thirty million was wasted money that could have been used more meaningfully. However, we cannot wait for the creations of David the Black, but rather a highly contradictory reaction.

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